Housing and Meals


To help give students a rich and authentic Roman experience of living in the historic center, the Pantheon Institute provides housing dormitories in Trastevere. Dorms will have bedrooms with a closet and study desk for each student.


The common area includes a number of well-equipped kitchens with stoves, refrigerators, and basic utensils for cooking. All the dorms include Wi-Fi coverage for 24-hr Internet access. A Pantheon institute employee at the on-site Housing Office is available to assist students with services and housing maintenance.


An integral part of living abroad is learning how to shop and cook for oneself. The Pantheon Institute does not offer a meal plan, and students are encouraged to manage their own meals …. which can lead to fabulous dinner parties with other students and Italian friends! And where better to refine your cooking skills than Rome, capital of culinary delight? There is also a host of local restaurants and pizzerias offering affordable meals for students.